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Ixora casei. Photo by Dave Lorence.


The primary goal of this site is to provide a flexible query tool to access information on Micronesian vascular plants from a taxonomic or geographical perspective at a variety of levels of detail. Upon the launch of the site queries will produce a simple checklist with island distribution information.  Continued efforts to optimize the capabilities of the site will add greater detail such as currently available on the Hawaiian and Marquesan Flora websites, but within an enhanced data structure.  As a dynamic product, the site is designed to serve as the foundation of forthcoming comprehensive online Pacific Oceanic Flora web resource. 

Site Development
Building on the successes of the two previous websites, the Flora of the Hawaiian Island and the Flora of the Marquesas Islands, this site has been designed and restructured to allow for greater flexibility and efficiency of data handling.  This project was first envisioned by Warren L. Wagner and implemented by Anna Weitzman and Ellen Farr who designed the advanced structure and compiled the primary dataset.  All web design and data interface functions have been developed by Sylvia Stone Orli.  Michael Tornabene is currently assisting with data editing and database management. 

Information Sources
The initial primary scientific resource for this site are the following Micronesian checklists published by F. R. Fosberg and others. 

Fosberg, F.R. and M.-H. Sachet. 1975. Flora of Micronesia, 1. Gymnospermae. Smithsonian         Contr. Bot. 20: 1-15.
_____. 1975. Flora of Micronesia. 2. Casuarinaceae, Piperaceae, and Myricaceae.   Smithsonian    Contr. Bot. 24: 1-28.
_____. 1977. Flora of Micronesia. 3. Convolvulaceae. Smithsonian Contr. Bot. 36: 1-34.
_____. 1980. Flora of Micronesia. 1. Caprifoliaceae-Compositae. Smithsonian Contr. Bot. 46:       1-71.
_____. 1982. Micronesian Poaceae: critical and distributional notes. Flora of Micronesica 18: 1-    102.
Fosberg, F.R., M.-H. Sachet, and R. Oliver. 1979. A Geographical Checklist of the Micronesian   Dicotyledonae. Micronesica 15: 1-295
_____. 1987. A Geographical Checklist of the Micronesian Monocotyledonae. Flora of    Micronesica 20: 1-129.
_____. 1993. Flora of Micronesia, 5: Bignoniaceae-Rubiaceae. Smithsonian Contr. Bot. 8 1 : i-     iv. 1-135.

Data was captured by scanning the published checklist and populating database fields. Sally Rhem, Robynn Shannon, and Denise Mix did the initial data cleanup and standardization. They also made significant updates to geographic and taxonomic information both from unpublished field notes and newly processed collections by F. R. Fosberg. Derral R. Herbst provided valuable geographic, taxonomic and nomenclatural updates by checking each database record against literature through early 2004 and the collections in Bishop Museum herbarium.  David H. Lorence (National Tropical Botancial Garden) continues to provide updates based on the work he and collaborators have been performing in the region during the past decade.

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