Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Trematolobelia macrostachys
Lammers, 2009.
   Campanulaceae -- The Bellflower Family Bibliography
      Trematolobelia macrostachys

Common name(s): koli`i
General Information
DistributionIn the Hawaiian Islands, endemic to O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui.

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Plants 1–4 m tall. Stem 0.5–2 cm diam., glabrous; cicatrices shallowly obtriangular, widely obtrullate, narrowly transversely rhombic, or narrowly transversely elliptic, 2–5 mm tall, 3–6.5 mm wide.
Leaves oblanceolate, narrowly oblong, narrowly elliptic, or linear, 15–36 × 0.8–3.1 cm, 8.5–26 times longer than wide; margin crenulate or entire, sometimes undulate; apex acuminate.
Racemes 4–10, each 15–60-flowered, glabrous; peduncle 10–25 cm long; sterile bracts lanceolate, oblanceolate, narrowly oblong, narrowly elliptic, or linear, 15–170 × 3–20 mm, the margin crenulate or entire (rarely denticulate), the apex acute or acuminate; rachis 10–34 cm long; floral bracts lanceolate, elliptic, narrowly elliptic, oblong, narrowly oblong, or linear, 12–50 × 2–6.5 mm, the margin crenulate or entire, the apex acuminate, acute, obtuse, or rounded; pedicels 16–36 mm long; bracteoles ovate, oblong, narrowly oblong, or elliptic, 0.7–4 mm long. Hypanthium campanulate, hemispheric, obovoid, or oblate, 4–9 mm long, 4–8.5 mm diam., 1/14–1/9(–1/6) as long as the corolla; calyx lobes triangular, narrowly triangular, linear-triangular, oblong, narrowly oblong, or ovate, erect or ascending, 3–10(–17) × 1–3 mm, 3/5 as long as the hypanthium to 3/5 again as long, the margin entire or rarely denticulate, the apex obtuse, acute, or acuminate. Corolla subbilabiate, various shades of pink, 43–73 mm long; tube gently to strongly curved, 21–37mm long,(3–)4.5–6.5 mm tall at middle, 2–5 mm tall at mouth, 3.8–7.7 times longer than height at middle; dorsal lobes 26–37 × 1–2.5 mm, equaling the tube to half again as long, the apex acuminate, the ventral lip elliptic, narrowly oblong, or obovate, 22–32 × 4–7 mm. Staminal column strongly exserted, emerging well above the lobes; filament tube 36–59 mm long, 3.2–5.6 times longer than dorsal anthers, sparsely pubescent toward apex (rarely glabrous); anther tube (2.5–)3–3.8 mm diam., pubescent at base or over the basal half; dorsal anthers 10–14 mm long; ventral anthers 7–12 mm long, with tufts of white trichomes 1–2.2 mm long at apex.
Capsule globose or oblate, 7–12 mm long, 6–15 mm wide, 5–10 mm thick, the pores numerous and scattered over the entire lateral surface.
Seeds 0.8–1.4 × 0.5–0.7 mm.
2n = 28
Nancy Khan