Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Sphagneticola trilobata
Lorence & Wagner, 2020.
   Asteraceae -- The Sunflower Family Bibliography
      Sphagneticola trilobata
General Information
DistributionNative to New World tropical regions.In the Hawaiian Islands, naturalized on Midway, Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Lana`i, Maui, Hawai`i.

Creeping, mat forming, perennial herb; stems rounded, rooting at the nodes, 1‒3(‒4+) dm long, flowering portions ascending, coarsely strigose to spreading hirsute, sometimes subglabrous.
Leaves sessile; blade fleshy, coriaceous, usually 4‒9 cm long, (1.5‒)2‒5 cm wide, irregularly toothed or serrate, usually with a pair of lateral lobes.
Heads with peduncle 3‒10 cm long; involucre campanulate hemispherical, ca. 1 cm high; chaffy bracts lanceolate, rigid; ray florets often 8‒13 per head, rays 6‒15 mm long; disk corollas 4‒5 mm long; pappus a crown of short fimbriate scales.
Achenes tuberculate, 4-5 mm long.
2n = ca. 40, 50 52, 56.
Nancy Khan