Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Polyscias racemosa
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999.
   Araliaceae -- The Ginseng Family Bibliography
      Polyscias racemosa
General Information
DistributionIn the Hawaiian Islands, endemic to Kaua`i.

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Trees up to ca. 7 m tall, with a straight trunk and spreading branches, bark gray, smooth.
Leaves 15-30 cm long, leaflets ovate to elliptic, 8-17 cm long, 4-10(-12) cm wide, margins entire, apex broadly acute to obtuse or emarginate, base cordate (obliquely so on lateral leaflets), sessile or with a short petiolule up to 5 mm long.
Pedicels alternate to subverticillate, 4-6 mm long; petals pale yellowish, lanceolate, 8-10 mm long, upper surface glabrous, lower surface whitish stellate-furfuraceous; filaments yellowish, ascending, 5-7 mm long; anthers dark yellow, versatile, 4.5-5 mm long.
Fruit stellate-furfuraceous, surmounted by a flat-topped, glabrous, dark red disk.
2n = 48*