Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Literature for Phyllostegia glabra
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999. Literature for Phyllostegia glabra var. glabra
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999. Literature for Phyllostegia glabra var. lanaiensis
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999.
   Lamiaceae -- The Mint Family Bibliography
      Phyllostegia glabra
General Information
Robust, erect to decumbent perennial herbs; stems 9-50 dm long, glabrous.
Leaves often red-tinged or with red veins, upper surface somewhat glossy, lower surface pale, thin and membranous, ovate, oblong-ovate to oblong-lanceolate, 8-24 cm long, (1.6-)2.5-10.5 cm wide, glabrous, margins serrate, rarely dentate or serrate-dentate (Wai`anae Mts., O`ahu), apex long-acuminate, base broadly cuneate or rarely subcordate, petioles 2.5-7.5 cm long, glabrous.
Flowers 6(-10) per verticillaster, in unbranched, racemose inflorescences 15-45 cm long, usually developing only terminally on branch, but occasionally with an additional pair of lateral inflorescences immediately below, pedicels slender, 5-15 mm long, peduncles stouter than pedicels, (3-)5-10(-15) mm long, bracts narrowly ovate, 10-25 mm long, rarely ciliate, lowermost pair slightly larger, 20-30(-45) mm long; calyx obconical, 4-8(-11) mm long, veins inconspicuous, glabrous, the teeth narrowly deltate, (1.5-)2-3 mm long, rarely ciliate, apex attenuate; corolla white, sometimes tinged reddish purple, variable in size, tube usually either 10-13 mm or 18-25 mm long, upper lobe 3-9 mm long, lower lobe 6-20 mm long.
Nutlets 4-5 mm long.
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