Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Ochrosia compta
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999.
   Apocynaceae -- The Dogbane, Milkweed Family Bibliography
      Ochrosia compta
General Information
DistributionIn the Hawaiian Islands, endemic to O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui.

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Trees 3-10 m tall.
Leaves 2-4 per node, oblanceolate to elliptic, blades (5-)10-17.5(-20) cm long, 1.8-5.6(-7) cm wide, most of the secondary veins anastomosing and conspicuous, apex acute, occasionally rounded, base cuneate, petioles 1.2-3.3 cm long.
Flowers in moderately open to congested inflorescences, primary peduncles (0.8-)2.5-4.2(-6.5) cm long, secondary ones (0.4-)0.8-2.3 cm long, pedicels 0-4 mm long; calyx 3-4(-5) mm long; corolla tube 6-10(-12) mm long, the lobes 6.5-9 mm long.
Drupes yellow to dark purple at maturity, smooth, lanceoloid, 3.6-5.3(-5.8) cm long, 1.5-2.5(-2.8) cm wide.