Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Literature for Hibiscus kokio
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999. Literature for Hibiscus kokio subsp. kokio
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999. Literature for Hibiscus kokio subsp. saintjohnianus
Roe, 1961.
   Malvaceae -- The Cacao, Linden, Mallow Family Bibliography
      Hibiscus kokio
General Information
Shrubs to small trees (1-)3-7 m tall; stems stiffly pubescent distally with sessile, bifurcate to stellate hairs.
Leaf blades green, glossy, subcoriaceous, elliptic to oblong-elliptic, ovate, or sometimes obovate, 3-10(-21) cm long, 1.5-6(-11) cm wide, unlobed, upper surface glabrous to glabrate, lower surface glabrate to moderately pubescent, margins crenate to serrate, sometimes undulate in upper 1/2 or more, occasionally entire, apex acute to acuminate, base broadly cuneate to obtuse, petioles 0.5-4(-7) cm long, stellate pubescent adaxially in a canalized line, stipules subulate to lanceolate-linear, (2.5-)4-13 mm long.
Flowers solitary, borne near the ends of the branches, pedicels 1-4 cm long, articulate; involucral bracts 6-8, subulate to lanceolate-linear, 7-15(-17) mm long, 0.8-2(-3) mm wide; calyx yellowish, smooth, narrowly to broadly tubular, (2.1-)2.8-3.5(-4) cm long, lobes deltate, 0.5-1.5(-1.7) cm long, acute, stellate pubescent or glandular pubescent; petals red to orangish red, orange, or rarely yellow, sometimes with a red basal spot, linear-oblong to oblong-obovate, 4.5-7(-8.5) cm long, spreading to reflexed; staminal column exserted, red to orange, sometimes grading to whitish at base, 4-6.5 cm long; filaments clustered below the strongly 5-toothed apex of staminal column, spreading, 0.4-0.8 cm long; style branches spreading in a flat whorl, 0.7-1 cm long, usually pilose; stigmas discoid-fimbriate, 1-2 mm in diameter.
Capsules pale brown, obovoid, 1.6-1.8 cm long, obscurely pubescent.
Seeds dark brown, angular-reniform, 3-5 mm long, sparsely pubescent.
2n = 82*, 84*