Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Pteridophyte Literature for Elaphoglossum wawrae
Palmer, 2003.
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      Elaphoglossum wawrae

Common name(s): `ekaha, Hart's tongue fern, hoe a Maui, `ekaha, hoe a Maui, laukahi
General Information
DistributionHawaiian Islands.In the Hawaiian Islands, endemic to Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Maui, Hawai`i.

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HabitatMesic to wet forests
Elevation800-2100 m
Epiphytic or terrestrial, small to medium-sized; rhizomes short-creeping, 3-5 mm diameter (including scales), bearing many appressed brown to straw-colored scales with darker centers, 2-3 mm long, becoming naked with age, phyllopodia conspicuous, dark.
Stipes close, 1-15 cm long, straw-colored, lacking wings, often sparsely scaly; sterile blades 8-42 cm long, erect, coriaceous, elliptic with obtuse to acute apexes, gradually tapering into stipes, one or both surfaces often bearing tiny scales, especially along abaxial midrib; margins often revolute, blades not glandular; fertile blades usually narrower than sterile ones, stipes proportionately much longer; veins obscure, parallel, free and forked.
Name honors Heinrich W. Wawa (1831-1887), Moravian-Austrian physician and botanist and member of the Austrian East Asiatic Exploring Expedition on the frigate Donau under Admiral Petz; Wawra collected plants in Hawai`i in 1869 and 1870.
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