Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Artemisia vulgaris
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999.
   Asteraceae -- The Sunflower Family Bibliography
      Artemisia vulgaris

Common name(s): wormwood, mugwort
General Information
DistributionNative to Eurasia.In the Hawaiian Islands, naturalized on Kaua`i, O`ahu, Lana`i, Maui, Hawai`i.

Asteraceae - Artemisia vulgaris

Aromatic, rhizomatous perennial herbs 3-10 dm tall; stems 1 to several, unbranched to the inflorescence, nearly glabrous below the inflorescence but sparsely pubescent between narrow striations.
Leaves ovate to obovate in outline, 2.5-5(-6) cm long, 2-3 cm wide, pinnatifid to bipinnatifid with unequal lobes that are rather broad and acute, upper surface dark green and nearly glabrous, lower surface densely white tomentose, narrowed at base, without a distinct petiole.
Heads in racemose panicles, amply leafy, with erect branches, each head 2.5-3.8 mm high, 2-2.5 mm wide; involucral bracts ovate, densely pubescent, the margins narrowly scarious; receptacle conical, glabrous; florets 8-12 per head, the outer ones female and inner ones perfect, all fertile, tubular, 1-1.3 mm long.
Achenes dark brown to black, fusiform, 0.8-1 mm long, 0.1-0.3 mm wide, glabrous.
2n = 16, 18, 24, 36, 45, 54