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Leandra krugii



Numerous people at National Museum of Natural History have contributed in one way or another to the completion of this project since its inception several years ago. Marilyn Hansel began the first database entering several thousand records for names extracted from major Caribbean floristic treatments. Sylvia Orli developed and formalized the web site. Chris Tuccinardi helped on numerous occasions with the merging and migration of database files, as well as in the creation of various queries to proofread the data or to obtain importance values of taxa. Likewise Ellen Farr helped with database structure and the development of efficient models on which to collect floristic and bibliographical data. Fiona Wilkinson added numerous recent taxonomic records to the database. Jamie Whitacre compiled more than 31,000 plant common names reported for the Caribbean region. Dr. Dan Nicolson answered numerous questions regarding nomenclature and Araceae literature. Daria Wingreen of the NMNH Cullman Library helped facilitate the use of rare books. Many of the plant images where scanned by Frances Pitlick from original slides through the coordination of Rusty Russell. Grants from the USDA Invasive Species Initiative, and from the Office of Latino Initiatives at NMNH, contributed funding towards the compilation of vernacular names published for the Caribbean region. Numerous specialists from other institutions have been consulted; these include Drs. Douglas C. Daly (NY), Kanchi N. Gandhi (HUH), John D. Mitchell (NY), Guy Nesom (BRIT), Susanne Renner (MSB), and John H. Wiersema(USDA).

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