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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program

Sharp-nosed puffer fish, profile veiw

Caribbean Sharp Nose Puffer, Canthigaster rostrata (inflated). Photo: C. Baldwin.

Scientific Visits

The Carrie Bow Cay Field Station is available to visiting sicentists and students when time slots are open. The station hosts visitors throughout the year and most visits last from 1 to 3 weeks.

Scientist and students interested in conducting research at Carrie Bow Cay should contact CCRE Station Manager Zach Foltz by email.

Rates (for non-SI employees or fellows):

Base Rate: $100.00 (USD) per person, per day.

Base Rate covers: Housing, meals, laboratory use, vessel use, and boat transportation to and from the lab.

SCUBA usage: $20.00 (USD) per person, per day, no limit.

The CCRE program will additionally bill each visitor for domestic airfare (typically $150.00 USD per person) and Belize Fisheries Department Research permit ($250.00 USD per project).

For more information, please read "Information for Field Research" (click to download .pdf)

For more details on rates, please read "Carrie Bow Cay Lab Use Fees" (click to download .pdf)

The CCRE program has communications requirements for all visiting scientists, for our policies, please read "Communications Policy for Visiting Scientists" (click to download .pdf)

Snorkeller at the surface near Carrie Bow Field Station



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