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Onagraceae - The Evening Primrose Family


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15 taxa retrieved in the genus Circaea. Return to the previous page.

Circaea (Description)

Circaea alpina L. (Description )

    Circaea alpina L. subsp. alpina (Description )

      Circaea alpina L. subsp. angustifolia (Hand.-Mazz.) Boufford (Description )

        Circaea alpina L. subsp. caulescens (Kom.) Tatew. (Description )

          Circaea alpina L. subsp. imaicola (Asch. & Magnus) Kitamura (Description )

            Circaea alpina L. subsp. micrantha (A. K. Skvortsov) Boufford (Description )

              Circaea canadensis (L.) Hill (Description )

                Circaea cordata Royle (Description )

                  Circaea erubescens Franch. & Sav. (Description )

                    Circaea glabrescens (Pamp.) Hand.-Mazz. (Description )

                      Circaea lutetiana L.

                        Circaea mollis Siebold & Zucc. (Description )

                          Circaea pacifica Asch. & Magnus (Description )

                            Circaea quadrisulcata (Maxim.) Franch. & Sav. (Description )

                              Circaea repens Wall. ex Asch. & Magnus (Description )

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