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Onagraceae - The Evening Primrose Family

Epilobium canum subsp. latifolium

The Onagraceae family is comprised of 18 genera, 655 species (803 taxa).

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Tribe Hauyeae Tribe Circaeeae Tribe Lopezieae Tribe Gongylocarpeae Tribe Epilobieae Tribe Onagreae Neoholmgrenia Camissoniopsis Tetrapteron Camissonia Eremothera Oenothera Chylismia Subfamily Ludwigioideae Subfamily Onagroideae Eulobus Taraxia Chylismiella Gayophytum Clarkia Xylonagra Epilobium Chamaenerion Gongylocarpus Megacorax Lopezia Circaea Fuchsia Hauya Ludwigia

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