Type Information
Schiedea haleakalensis O. Deg. & Sherff , in Sherff, Amer. J. Bot. 29: 332 1942.
Maui, East Maui, Mt. Haleakala cliffs on W side of Kaupo Gap. 11 August 1939. Degener et al. 12695.
Holotype [F]. Isotype(s) [A!, BISH!, M!, MIN!, MO!, NA [s.n. probable], NY! [2], US!].
Note: Sherff indicated that the type was to be at NY and that material was being distributed. Examination of the specimens shows that the labels are unequivocal in indicating that the "type" was at F with duplicates distributed to other institutions, the first of which was NY. We do not know the basis of the error in the protologue, but the holotype is taken as the F sheet
*Verification: W.L. Wagner, S.G. Weller.