Plantago hawaiensis (A. Gray) Pilg. , Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 19: 116. 1923.
*Verification: None.

Type Information
Basionym: Plantago pachyphylla A. Gray var. hawaiensis A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 6: 54 1862.
Hawai`i, in environs of Great Crater. 6000 to 8000 ft. 1840. U. S. Expl. Exped. s.n..
Lectotype [US]. Isolectotype(s) [GH]. Lectotypified in H. St. John. Rhodora 87: 594. 1985.
Note: St. John did not cite a sheet number. The only sheet found at US (5/98) gives no locality data beyond island, and was not annotated by St. John, thus we cannot be sure it is the sheet he intended to designate as lectotype. If this is the sheet he intended as lectotype, it is not clear how he knew which of the three localities cited by Gray it was from.
*Verification: R.K. Shannon, W.L. Wagner.