Type Information
Pipturus kauaiensis A. Heller , Minnesota Bot. Stud. 1: 815 1897.
Kaua`i, along the Hanapepe River, near the falls [Hanapepe and Wahiawa watershed]. 24 June 1895. Heller 2428.
Syntype(s) [BISH [2], GH, MIN! [2], NY [3, mfc!], US!].
Note: Although the two sheets at MIN were both collected on the same date (the date cited by Heller), they are considered syntypes because they are of different sexes. Dates on specimens distributed under Heller 2428: 24 June (MIN! [2]); 24-26 June (BISH!, GH [2], NY! [mfc], US!); 2-8 July (US!); 24 July (US!). Heller cited 24 June. Locality info on BISH, NY, US sheets: Along the Hanapepe River, near the falls (more specific than on MIN sheets).
*Verification: Wagner, W.L. & R.K. Shannon. 1999. Brittonia 51:422-438.