Metrosideros tremuloides (A. Heller) Knuth , Handbuch der Blutenbiologie 3(1): 532. 1904.
*Verification: None.

Type Information
Basionym: Nania tremuloides A. Heller , Minnesota Bot. Stud. 1: 866 1897.
O`ahu, Nu`uanu Pali. 29 October 1895. Heller 2895.
Lectotype [US]. Isolectotype(s) [BISH!, MIN!, NY [mfc!]]. Lectotypified in W. L. Wagner & R. K. Shannon. Brittonia 51: 433. 1999.
Note: Additional syntype: lower slopes of Konahuanui, above Manoa, 12-13 November 1895 (BISH [2], US!). Heller cited his number 2895, but the specimens distributed under this number are apparently from two localities as delimted above. Heller did not cite a date, and thus all collections with this number are syntypes.
*Verification: Wagner, W.L. & R.K. Shannon. 1999. Brittonia 51:422-438.