Type Information
Basionym: Lipochaeta tenuis O. Deg. & Sherff , in Sherff, Bot. Gaz. (Crawfordsville) 95: 102 1933.
O`ahu, Wai`anae Valley, on lateral spur leading to summit ridge between Ka`ala and Kalena [up toward Mt. Ka`ala], on exposed rocky, grassy, and shrubby ridge. 24 April 1932. Degener et al. 4258.
Holotype [F]. Isotype(s) [F! [photo F!], K, MO!, NY [mfc!]].
Note: Sherff cited collector only as O. Degener and gave no collection number; MO sheet lists all three collectors and gives number, and was annotated by Sherff "Cotype!" Both sheets at F have label prepared by Sherff, with no collector number and only Degener given as collector. Gardner's lectotypification (1979) is superfluous. Gardner's lectotypification (1979) was not necessary. We take the sheet annotated by Sherff as "1st type sheet" to be the holotype.
*Verification: W.L. Wagner.

Basionym: Lipochaeta tenuis O. Deg. & Sherff var. sellingii O. Deg. & Sherff, Fl. Hawaiiensis, fam. 244. Lipochaeta tenuis 1940.
O`ahu, NE slope of Pu`u Happapa, in sunny stream-bed near contour trail. 3 September 1938. Selling 3336.
Holotype [GB]. Isotype(s) [BISH!].

Note: Cited as a Selling collection, but labels on BISH and GB sheets have all three collectors (Cranwell, Selling, and Skottsberg) listed. Gardner (1979) erroneously cited Degener et al. 12253 as the type of this name; although collected from the same plant on the same day, Degener's collection should not be considered the type. The GB material consisting of three branches was split with one of the branches being sent to S (Eliasson, pers. comm.)
*Verification: R.K. Shannon, W.L. Wagner.