Type Information
Antidesma pulvinatum Hillebr. , Fl. Hawaiian Isl. 403 1888.
Hawai`i, South Kona. Hillebrand s.n..
Syntype [BISH].
Note: NEEDS TO BE LECTOTYPIFIED. St. John annotated BISH sheet "Lectotype, 1982," but no publication has been found. Hillebrand listed as syntypes: Hawaii!, S. Kona; E. Maui!, Hamakua; Oahu!, Waianae. There is a MEL sheet of the Hawai`i collection (photo BISH!).
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.

Antidesma pulvinatum Hillebr. var. contractum O. Deg. & Sherff, in Sherff, Bot. Leafl. 8: 15 1953.
Hawai`i, along Saddle Road, 7 mi from Hilo, in forest. 2000 ft. 5 September 1949. Degener et al. 20152.
Holotype [F]. Isotype(s) [BISH!, NY [mfc!]].

Note: Photo at F. F cannot find type. NY sheet is labeled "Isotype" in Degener's hand. Is there any chance that BISH sheet is holotype?
*Verification: R.K. Shannon.

Antidesma pulvinatum Hillebr. var. leiogonum Sherff, Field Mus. Nat. Hist., Bot. Ser. 17: 576 1939.
O`ahu, Wai`anae Mts., 4th gulch E of Pu`u Kaupakuhale. 23 October 1932. Yuncker and Hosaka 3214.
Holotype [F?].

Note: Photo at F. Sherff cites "Herb. Yuncker;" now deposited at F.
*Verification: None.