Metrosideros collina (J. R. Forst. & G. Forst.) A. Gray subsp. polymorpha (Gaudich.) Rock, Hawaii, Board Agric. Forest. Bot. Bull. 4: 47. 1917. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Metrosideros polymorpha Gaudich. , Voy. Uranie 482. 1830, pl. 109 1826.
Hawai`i: s.l.. C. Gaudichaud-Beaupré s.n..
Holotype [P].

Note: Gaudichaud had 4 unnamed vars. (a) is illustrated in pl. 108. Later authors have regarded this as the type. Some have assumed that type is a form with woolly pubescence, although for the species Gaudichaud says "sericeo-tomentosis."

=Metrosideros polymorpha var. polymorpha
*Verification: None.

*Verification: D.M. Mix.