Delissea angustifolia (Cham.) G. Don var. racemosa (Hillebr.) H. St. John, Phytologia 63: 80. 1987. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Cyanea angustifolia (Cham.) Hillebr. var. racemosa Hillebr., Fl. Hawaiian Isl. 253 1888.
O`ahu: s.l.. W. Hillebrand s.n..
Lectotype [BM]. Lectotypified in Lammers. Taxon 43: 555. 1994.

Note: Rock effectively lectotypified on the Hillebrand collection at B (Monogr. Stud. Haw. Lobelioid. 200. 1919), but Hillebrand's collections at B were destroyed.

=Cyanea angustifolia
*Verification: T.G. Lammers.

*Verification: T.G. Lammers.