Chamaesyce celastroides (Boiss.) Croizat & O. Deg. var. mauiensis (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg., Fl. Hawaiiensis, fam. 190. Euphorbiaceae. 1959. Flora of the Hawaiian Islands --Basionym
Type Information
Euphorbia celastroides Boiss. var. mauiensis Sherff, Bot. Gaz. (Crawfordsville) 97: 601 1936.
Maui: sandy isthmus. 1864- 1865. H. Mann and W.T. Brigham 389.
Holotype [US]. Isotype(s) [BISH, CU, F, GH, MO!].

Note: Nom. illeg. This collection was used as the type for Euphorbia multiformis var. lorifolia by Gray. [W.L. Wagner, D.M. Mix]

=Euphorbia celastroides var. lorifolia
*Verification: David Lorence.

*Verification: David Lorence.