Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Dicotyledon Literature for Fraxinus uhdei
Wagner et al., 1990, 1999.
   Oleaceae -- The Olive Family Bibliography
      Fraxinus uhdei

Common name(s): ash, tropical ash
General Information
DistributionNative to central and southern Mexico.In the Hawaiian Islands, naturalized on Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Lana`i, Maui, Hawai`i.

Trees up to 24(-28) m tall, bark gray or brown, furrowed; young branches pubescent, soon glabrate.
Leaves 15-28 cm long, leaflets 5-9, (5-)7-11 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, upper surface dull green, glabrous, lower surface pale green, puberulent along midrib, margins irregularly serrulate, apex long-acuminate, base cuneate, petioles 6-10 cm long, petiolules 3-13 mm long.
Flowers unisexual (and the plants dioecious), in panicles 13-20 cm long; buds paired, covered with brown, finely pubescent scales; calyx minute, 4-toothed.
Samaras oblong-elliptic to oblong-oblanceolate, 2-4 cm long, the wing 5-6 mm wide, apex with a small notch.
2n = 46