Flora of the Hawaiian Islands
Pteridophyte Literature for Adiantum raddianum
Palmer, 2003.
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      Adiantum raddianum
General Information
DistributionNative to the American Tropics.In the Hawaiian Islands, naturalized on Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Lana`i, Maui, Hawai`i.

Pteridaceae - Adiantum raddianum Pteridaceae - Adiantum raddianum

HabitatMoist consolidated cinder, and basalt banks along trails and streams
Elevation0-4400 m
Terrestrial or epipetric, delicate, on moist, rocky banks; rhizomes short-creeping.
Fronds erect-arching, close, 15-45 cm long; stipe dark reddish brown to black, shiny, glabrous except scaly at base; blade 2- to 4-pinnate, broadly to narrowly deltate; pinnae linear-deltate, fan-shaped if not again divided; ultimate segments fan-shaped with centrally attached stalk, membranous, outer margins rounded, toothed, often lobed or cleft; veins ending at sinuses between marginal teeth.
Sori often 1-2 per segment, U-shaped at bases of sinuses.
Name honors Giuseppe Raddi (1770-1829), an Italian botanist.
Sally Eichhorn