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Hawaiian flower
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Psychotria; species like "mauiensis"; Island = any . (1 record)



Psychotria mauiensis Fosberg
Status: Endemic   
Publication Information
Distribution: K/ Mo/ L/ M/ H
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Psychotria hawaiiensis var. molokaiensis (Rock) Fosberg, Psychotria hawaiiensis var. rotundifolia (Skottsb.) Fosberg, Psychotria mauiensis var. subcordata (Rock) H. St. John, Straussia hillebrandii var. molokaiensis Rock, Straussia hillebrandii var. rotundifolia Skottsb., Straussia oncocarpa Hillebr., Straussia oncocarpa var. subcordata Rock

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