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Leptecophylla; species like "tameiameiae"; Island = any . (1 record)



Leptecophylla tameiameiae (Cham. & Schltdl.) C. M. Weiller
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: K/ O/ Mo/ L/ M/ H (perhaps on Ni and Ka in the past)
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Cyathodes banksii Gaudich., Cyathodes douglasii A. Gray, Cyathodes douglasii var. struthioloides A. Gray, Cyathodes imbricata Stschegl., Cyathodes imbricata var. struthioloides (A. Gray) Hillebr., Cyathodes imbricata var. volcanica H. Lév., Cyathodes macraeana A. DC., Cyathodes tameiameiae Cham. & Schltdl., Cyathodes tameiameiae var. brownii A. Gray, Cyathodes tameiameiae var. chamissoi A. Gray, Cyathodes tameiameiae f. collina Wawra, Cyathodes tameiameiae var. macraeana (A. DC.) Hillebr., Cyathodes tameiameiae f. montana Wawra, Styphelia douglasii (A. Gray) F. Muell. ex Skottsb., Styphelia douglasii var. struthioloides (A. Gray) H. St. John, Styphelia grayana Rock, Styphelia tameiameiae (Cham. & Schltdl.) F. Muell., Styphelia tameiameiae var. brownii (A. Gray) H. St. John, Styphelia tameiameiae var. hexamera Fosberg & Hosaka, Styphelia tameiameiae forma marquesensis F. Br.

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