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Hawaiian flower
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Korthalsella; species like "complanata"; Island = any . (1 record)



Korthalsella complanata (Tiegh.) Engl.
Status: Endemic   
Publication Information
Distribution: HI exc. Ni, Ka
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Bifaria complanata Tiegh., Bifaria coriacea Tiegh., Bifaria fasciata Tiegh., Bifaria helleri Tiegh., Bifaria hillebrandii Tiegh., Bifaria mannii Tiegh., Bifaria remyi Tiegh., Bifaria tricostata Tiegh., Bifaria vittata Tiegh., Korthalsella remyi Tiegh., Viscum moniliforme f. breviarticulata Wawra, Viscum moniliforme f. longearticulata Wawra, Viscum moniliforme var. planum Wawra

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