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Hawaiian flower
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Dicranopteris; species like "linearis"; Island = any . (1 record)



Dicranopteris linearis (Burm. f.) Underw.
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: HI exc. Ni, Ka
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Dicranopteris dichotoma (Thunb.) Bernh., Dicranopteris dichotoma var. emarginata (Brack.) Hillebr., Dicranopteris emarginata (Brack.) W. J. Rob., Dicranopteris emarginata var. inaequalis O. Deg. & I. Deg., Dicranopteris hawaiensis (Nakai) C. Chr., Dicranopteris linearis f. emarginata (Brack.) W. H. Wagner, Dicranopteris linearis f. linearis (Burm. f.) Underw., Dicranopteris linearis var. maxima (Christ ex Hochr.) O. Deg. & I. Deg., Dicranopteris sandwicensis O. Deg., Gleichenia dichotoma (Thunb.) Hook., Gleichenia dichotoma var. emarginata (Brack.) Hillebr., Gleichenia dichotoma var. tomentosa Luerss., Gleichenia emarginata (Brack.) T. Moore, Gleichenia hawaiensis C. Chr., Gleichenia hermanii R. Br., Gleichenia linearis (Burm. f.) C. B. Clarke, Gleichenia linearis var. maxima Christ ex Hochr., Mertensia dichotoma (Thunb.) Willd., Mertensia emarginata Brack., Mertensia hawaiensis Nakai, Mertensia linearis (Burm. f.) Fritsch, Polypodium dichotomum Thunb., Polypodium lineaaris Burm., Polypodium lineare Burm. f.

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