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Cyrtandra; species like "kealiae"; Island = any . (2 records)



Cyrtandra kealiae Wawra subsp. kealiae
Status: Endemic   
Type Information
Distribution: K
Conservation Assessment: Vulnerable
United States Status: Threatened
Synonyms: Cyrtandra alaustri H. St. John, Cyrtandra henanthe H. St. John, Cyrtandra kealiae Wawra, Cyrtandra limahuliensis H. St. John, Cyrtandra lumahaiensis H. St. John, Cyrtandra runae H. St. John, Cyrtandra septentrionalis H. St. John, Cyrtandra spissa H. St. John

    Cyrtandra kealiae Wawra subsp. urceolata W. L. Wagner & Lorence
    Status: Endemic   
    Type Information
    Distribution: K (Hanapepe and Olokele Valleys; Wahiawa Mts; Ha`upu)
    Conservation Assessment: Rare
    United States Status: No Status

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