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Hawaiian flower
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Cocculus; species like "orbiculatus"; Island = any .



Nephroia orbiculata (L.) L. Lian & Wei Wang
Status: Indigenous
Distribution: Ni/ K/ O/ Mo/ L/ M/ H
Conservation Assessment: Apparently Secure
United States Status: No Status
Synonyms: Cebatha ferrandiana (Gaudich.) Kuntze, Cebatha integra (Hillebr.) Kuntze, Cebatha lonchophylla (Miers) Kuntze, Cebatha virgata (Hillebr.) Kuntze, Cocculus ferrandianus Gaudich., Cocculus integer Hillebr., Cocculus longchophyllus (Miers) Hillebr., Cocculus orbiculatus (L.) DC., Cocculus trilobus (Thunb.) DC, Cocculus virgatus Hillebr., Holopeira lonchophylla Miers, Nephroica ferrandiana (Gaudich.) Miers

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