Senna spectabilis (DC.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby var. spectabilis (Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 35: 600. 1982.)
Localities: West Indies (exotic), Lesser Antilles (exotic) [Barbados, Martinique, ], Greater Antilles [ Cuba (exotic), Hispaniola (exotic)[ Dominican Republic, Gonave, Haiti,], Puerto Rico (naturalized)[], ], South America (native),
Common Names: Algarrobillo (Cuba), Bruscón (Dominican Republic), Cañafistol (Dominican Republic), Casia amarilla (Puerto Rico), Casse marron (Haiti), Chácaro (Dominican Republic), Libertad (Dominican Republic), Palo bonito (Cuba), Palo de burro (Dominican Republic), Pela burro (Dominican Republic),
Synonyms: Cassia spectabilis DC. (Cat. Pl. Horti Monsp. 90. 1813.), Pseudocassia spectabilis (DC.) Britton & Rose (N. Amer. Fl. 23(4): 230. 1930.),
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