Cyperus aggregatus (Willd.) Endl. var. aggregatus (Cat. Horti Vindob. 1: 93. 1842.)
Localities: West Indies (native), Lesser Antilles (native) [], Greater Antilles [Jamaica (native), Cuba (native), Hispaniola (native)[], Puerto Rico (native)[], Virgin Islands (native) ( St. Croix, St. Thomas, ) ], North America (TX, LA), Mexico (native), Central America (native), South America (native),
Synonyms: Cyperus cayennensis (Lam.) Britton (Bull. Dept. Agric. Jamaica 5(Suppl. 1): 8. 1907.), Cyperus flavamariscus Griseb. (Fl. Brit. W. I. 567. 1864.), Cyperus flavus (Vahl) Nees (Linnaea 19: 698. 1847.), Cyperus productus C. Wright (in F.A. Sauvalle, Anales Acad. Ci. Méd. Habana 8: 77. 1871.), Kyllinga cayennensis Lam. (Tabl. Encycl. 1: 149. 1791.), Mariscus aggregatus Willd. (Enum. Pl. 1: 70. 1809.), Mariscus cayennensis (Lam.) Urb. (Symb. Antill. 2: 165. 1900.), Mariscus flavus Vahl (Enum. Pl. 2: 374. 1805.),
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