Rorippa dubia (Pers.) H. Hara (J. Jap. Bot. 30: 196. 1955)
Localities: West Indies (exotic), Lesser Antilles (exotic) [St. Lucia, ], Greater Antilles [Jamaica (exotic), Puerto Rico (exotic)[], ], South America (exotic), Old World (native: tropical Asia),
Synonyms: Nasturtium heterophyllum Blume (Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. 2: 50. 1825.), Rorippa heterophylla (Blume) R.O. Williams (Fl. Trinidad & Tobago 1(2): 24. 1929.), Rorippa indica (L.) Hochr. (Candollea 2: 370. 1925.), Rorippa indica (L.) Hochr. var. apetala (DC.) Hochr. (Candollea 2: 370. 1925.),
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