Beloglottis costaricensis (Rchb. f.) Schltr. (Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 37(2): 365. 1920.)
Localities: West Indies (native), Greater Antilles [ Cayman Island (native), ], North America (native: FL), Mexico (native), Central America (native), South America (native),
Synonyms: Spiranthes costaricensis Rchb. f. (Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 37(2): 365. 1920.),
Citations:1). Flora of Trinidad and Tobago: This flora was published in many parts with many authors. There is no overall editor. R. O. Williams was author of the first treatment and of many others. 2). Proctor, G.R. 1996. Additions and Corrections to the Flora of the Cayman Islands. Kew Bull. 51: 483-507.
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