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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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We acknowledge the generous contributions of many individuals and our partner organizations that
provided knowledge, time, and resources
to help create this exhibition.


  • Douglas Owsley & Karin Bruwelheide


  • Henry Miller, Historic St. Mary's City

  • Merry Outlaw, Archaeological & Cultural Solutions, Inc.



  • Logo for Historic St. Mary's City historical site
    Historic St. Mary's City, a National Historic Landmark

  • Historic Jamestowne
    APVA Preservation Virginia - Historic Jamestowne

  • Lost Towns Project
    Anne Arundel County's Lost Towns Archaeology Project

  • History Channel

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Forensic Anthropology Center

  • James River Institute for Archaeology

  • Busch Properties, Inc. dba Kingsmill Resort

  • Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

  • Darnall's Chance House and Museum, Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning

  • Maryland Historical Trust, Maryland Department of Planning

  • Maryland State Archives, Special Collections

  • Mitotyping Technologies, LLC

  • National Museum of Health & Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

  • National Park Service, Colonial National Historical Park

  • Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

  • The Royal College of Physicians of London

  • The Museum of London

  • Uniformed Services University, Anatomical Teaching Laboratory

  • Virginia Department of Historic Resources

  • Viriginia Institute of Marine Science

Smithsonian Institution Exhibition Photographers

  • Chip Clark

  • Donald Hurlbert

  • Brittney Tatchell

Costumers and Historical Interpreters

  • Sara Gene Posnett, Costume Fabricator, Historic St. Mary's City

  • Aaron Meisinger and the Historic St. Mary's City Historic Interpreters

  • D.A. Saguto, Cordwainer

Skeletal Models and Anatomical Illustrations

  • Medical Modeling, Inc.

  • France Casting

  • Michael K. Sracic, M.D.

Exhibition Design

  • MFM Design/VossWords


  • Siemens Medical Solutions

  • Materialise, USA

  • Virtual Surfaces Inc.

Smithsonian Departments

  • NMNH Office of Exhibits: Rena Selim, Barbara Stauffer, Siobhan Starrs, Michael Lawrence, Paul Rhymer, Kim Moeller

  • NMNH Office of Education and Outreach: Shari Werb, Robert Costello, William Watson, Amy Bolton

  • NMNH Department of Anthropology: Dan Rogers, Laurie Burgess, Vicki Simon, Cass Taylor, Sandra Schlachtmeyer, Sara Devine, Charlotte Cox, Aleithea Williams, Dave Hunt

  • NMNH CT Laboratory: Bruno Frohlich and Janine Hinton

  • Smithsonian Office of Exhibits Central: Lora Collins, Chris Hollshwander, Carolyn Thome, Natalie Gallelli

  • Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute: Melvin Wachowiak, Vicky Karas

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